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Balto, the wily, sly, heroic husky. Rescued children from a deadly epidemic in Alaska, suceeded in bringing them the necessary antidote to an isolated city of the world under 40ºC negative, Three Balto films, a statue in Central Park in New York and now this wine, symbolizing stuggle and dedication that need to be known.

Hachi, the japanese akita, the most loyal ever. After his owner´s sudden death, he waited for 10 years at the train station where he used to dayly meet him. Weakened , due to hunger, diseases and struggles, he eventually died right there along with his hope. The statue, the stunning film and its wine deserve to reach you. An example for all of us.

Endal, the Dog of the Millennium, a lab that learned to use an ATM. Of notable abilities and dedicated to his owner, an ex-combatant who lost his legs and all of his childhood and marriage memories. Even after 5 years of rehabilitation, he was unable to speak or write until he finally met Endal. Get to know your wine, book, movie and be inspired.

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